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  • Salem

Salem came into the rescue in April 2012 as his owner, who adored him, was unable to cope with him any longer. We were told that he suffered from nervous aggression and something similar to an obsessive compulsive disorder as he became agitated and chased his tail; and would exhibit certain repetitive behaviours before toileting. Salem had become even more difficult to deal with after a breakdown in a relationship and difficulties had developed between him and an older dog with whom he lived.

We knew when we took him on that he was not going to be an easy dog to deal with and to rehome, but we believe that every dog deserves a settled, happy life, whatever their background. When we first met Salem, he was very stressed and he was, predictably, unfriendly towards us. We are lucky to have a single kennel which his older owner was able to put him in so he could have shelter and a run with us being able to open and close a hatch from the outside without having to go in with him. We gave him time to settle and get used to his surroundings and to us. We carried on going about our daily business without paying him any attention or forcing ourselves onto him. He watched and slowly calmed down over time. Salem loves playing with balls and this was the key to his heart. Over time we were able to handle him and he started to relax.

Today, Salem is a lovely, bright, 7 year old German Shepherd Rescue dog who is very affectionate with people he knows and trusts. He loves playing in water and with balls. Salem lacks confidence and he struggles in meeting other dogs and with meeting new people. His old owner worked with him for a long time to try and keep him, and tried everything she could. Unfortunately she had to make the decision to ask us to take him as no one else was able to provide support that helped. Salem’s stress levels have reduced significantly in the time that he has been with us and he is far less reactive but he still needs to maintain a comfortable distance from unknown people. Salem is a lovely, affectionate, but very sensitive dog, who picks up on any stress. He has taught us a lot over the time that he has been here and, although much more settled and content, we do not believe that he would cope with the stress of another move. Salem is a lovely dog who will stay with us for as long as he needs that place of sanctuary.

We are grateful for any donations, however small, to enable us to keep and care for Salem and other dogs that need us – Ask about our sponsorship scheme to help us to keep and care for dogs like Salem.

If you would like to sponsor salem, please contact us by email or on 01425 473907