Rio came to us in August 2016 at the age of 17 months, already having got himself in a bit of trouble. He is the first dog that we have ever taken straight into our sponsorship scheme, knowing when we agreed to take him that he would not be suitable for rehoming.

Rio has an abnormal rear end gait including dropped hocks and appeared weak at the back end, but he is more than capable of jumping up (which he does a lot) and running around without showing any indication of being in pain. Prior to his arrival with us, he had been seen by a vet specialist who was unable to identify a reason for his gait but who thought it unnecessary to investigate further unless or until there was any progression of his symptoms. We do not know what the future will hold for Rio with regard to his physical needs, but we will address any issue that arises and ensure that he gets the very best care and treatment as and when he needs it.

The biggest issue for Rio was his emotional state – he had been badly treated in his early life and various people and organisations had tried to help him move on from that, but in doing so, inadvertently placed him in an ongoing highly stressful situation which he was unable to cope with which resulted in him reacting in the only way that he could.

When we were asked about taking him from a number of different sources, he didn’t have a lot going for him and it was difficult to think of any other palatable option for him but to take him into our scheme where he could be kept safe and happy for the rest of his life. The decision had to be made quickly to avoid the dangerous situation he was in from becoming even more problematic for all involved. It was from that background that Rio arrived with us and we had to take our time to see how he coped with another big change.

Whatever their history, we always we try to give the dogs that come to us lots of settling in time, keeping their World small and being calm and consistent in our approach. Rio responded really well to that approach and is a lovely, friendly (if somewhat unruly) dog. With free space to run and regular exercise, he has built up muscle and seems stronger in his rear end. He has been to see Pat Tagg at Dogtaggs on a number of occasions where he has excelled at tracking, recently completing her ‘level 4’ 3-day tracking event (Trackers go Crackers) which included a very successful 3 mile night track in the pouring rain! Rio is one of the lucky ones – we will do all that we can to ensure that he has a happy and fulfilled life with little pressure, for the rest of his life. Rio says that he would like some sponsors now please as he can’t wait to have some people to tell about all his exploits xxx

If you would like to sponsor Rio, please contact us by email or on 01425 473907