Marley is a bouncy 3 year old dog who came into the rescue when he was about 8 months old.  He had lived in a busy household with another dog and a cat, but had a tendency to chase. Marley was quite an anxious young dog who needed a calm, quiet environment with an opportunity to build up his confidence slowly, at a pace which kept him within his comfort zone.

You will have noticed that he is not a German Shepherd and so we agreed to place him with a different, non-breed-specific rescue who we thought were better placed to find him a suitable home. They struggled to cope with him and he was moved from kennel to kennel and became increasingly stressed and unmanageable. He was neutered whilst he was away from us which may well have not helped his fear. Being (unfairly) labelled as a ‘dominant’ and an ‘aggressive’ dog, we took him back into our care, after 15 months away from us. Marley will now remain with us, for his own safety, under our sponsorship scheme.

Marley has started to relax again with us, but we are keeping his world small. He needs a slow introduction to new people, and as long as his environment is kept calm, he copes with most things. Marley has been to see our vet for vaccinations since he came back to us and he was fine with her.

Marley is ball motivated and will do anything for his ball, but we try not to over stimulate him too much as he needs to learn to relax – too much of his young life has been spent in a hyperactive state. He loves his food and will do anything for a treat.

We don’t know what breed Marley is but our best guess is a labrador/whippet cross – smaller than a German Shepherd but full of character!

If you would like to sponsor Marley, please contact us by email or on 01425 473907