• Digger

Digger came to us in February 2011 as a 7 month old puppy who was already having difficulties in coping with the world around him. He was brought up in a busy home with young children and was a very nervous youngster who needed time and space to help him to build up his confidence in a quiet, stable environment.

Digger is a bit of a ‘special needs’ dog and we have made the decision to keep him with us as a permanent foster dog, as we worry that elsewhere he may be put in a situation which he is unable to cope with and may get himself into trouble (particularly because of the negative associations that many people have of his breed).

He enjoys mooching around the stable yard and has learned to play ball – he is a bit ‘over the top’ with other dogs but is very enthusiastic about life and has a permanent smile on his face. Digger is a popular dog with friends and visitors alike, enjoying nothing more than a cuddles and fuss.

An official welcome to the family Digger, who I guess now, at 4 years old is a ‘grown up’ (don’t tell him that!) If you want to support us, in supporting dogs like Digger, please consider sponsoring one of our long term residents!

If you would like to sponsor Digger, please contact us by email or on 01425 473907