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  • Diesel

Diesel came into the rescue in September 2014 as a skinny, frightened, 18 month old, who was being threatened with euthanasia because of his fear. At that time, we had no alternative but to place him in commercial kennels, where he remained for some months. He was not able to be handled and had little interaction Although after a considerable time he was able to be enticed into the compound run with treats, he was not able to be touched. We knew that he needed to come to us but did not have space to accommodate him immediately. It was not until early 2015 that he was able to leave kennels with the assistance of his old dog sitter who was able to transport him for us.

When he arrived he was, understandably, worried but the quieter environment and greater consistency helped him to settle and we were soon able to earn his trust sufficiently for him to come out of the kennel and enjoy playing ball in the field. He appeared on our 2016 calendar and is the face of the rescue on one of our promotional pop ups.

Diesel enjoys the company of a few people and to those that he knows and has learned to trust over time he is a very tactile dog, but less so with others. Diesel does not cope well with eye contact from humans and does not enjoy being touched by strangers, although he has now tolerated well managed visits to the vets for vaccinations.

Over the time that he has been with us, Diesel has gone from strength to strength, but his environment does need to be managed to keep him happy and feeling safe – he now travels reasonably happily in the van and has been a regular visitor at Dogtaggs Shepherd School which he thoroughly enjoys, running on the borders and having space, understanding and freedom to enjoy himself. He has had a number of girlfriends since he has been with us – Jess (who is quite demanding) and Tara (who is only slightly less so) but he is very good tempered with them and allows them to run rings around him (most of the time).

Diesel has been with us for a long time and would welcome some sponsors to follow his progress – we all have high expectations of him at Shepherd School – watch this space for his progress!

If you would like to sponsor Diesel, please contact us by email or on 01425 473907