• Darcey

Darcy arrived at the rescue, scrawny, ‘over trained’ and hyperactive in July 2014, after a change in his owner’s personal circumstances left him homeless. He was 6 years old. He had been living in a car and was quite stressed with a ridge on his nose where he had been muzzled for a lot of the time. Although Darcy had previously lived with another dog, he was not generally good with other dogs, although he didn’t go ‘looking for trouble’. He was obedient and willing to please but seemed to find it difficult to think for himself and became very stressed when he was not being told what to do.

Darcy was underweight when he came to us and his vet records showed that he had always struggled with keeping weight on and had undergone various tests to see whether there was a medical reason for it. As he settled he put on weight and we believe that his low weight was due to stress – he is now a good (perhaps too good a) weight and far more relaxed.

Darcy could come across as intimidating as he gets very excited, very quickly and will jump up and bark, although this behaviour has decreased significantly since he has been with us. Darcy takes no notice of the horses and ponies that wander around in the New Forest and his recall is excellent.

We had thought that he would suit a rural home where he could enjoy being with someone for most of the time, perhaps in a private stable yard or a small holding where he can play ball and be off lead in a safe environment, but the perfect home has not come forward for him yet. Darcy is happy here with us and we are happy for him to stay for as long as he needs us – he has only recently been moved across to our sponsorship scheme and he is awaiting his first sponsor with eager anticipation.

If you would like to sponsor Darcy, please contact us by email or on 01425 473907