Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue

Southern Counties German Shepherd Rescue is a charity that provides care and shelter for stray, neglected and unwanted German Shepherd Rescue dogs. We never destroy a healthy dog believing that a kind and permanent home exists for every dog whatever their temperament or disability.

Prior to considering our dogs for rehoming, we spend time with each of them, getting to know their likes and dislikes and helping them to work through any fears or insecurities they may have when they arrive.

Some of the dogs we take in are then ready to be re-homed. We always carefully match dogs to their new homes as we believe that this is the key to ensuring a long-term, happy, fulfilled relationship between dog and owner.

Some dogs do not reach the stage of rehoming and for whatever reason need a permanent sanctuary away from the demands of the outside world. These may be dogs that have faced abuse, neglect or mistreatment; or they may simply be dogs that have not faced enough novel situations in their early life to be comfortable dealing with new people and new situations. They may just need their world to be kept small and a safe haven in which to properly function. Working with these dogs emotions to create a feeling of safety and well being can be very demanding and each dog is different. Meeting strangers or going to unfamiliar places may be too demanding for these dogs. We respect that fear and do not force those dogs into situations that they will not cope with and which will only exacerbate their negative emotions.

To help us support these dogs in permanent foster homes, we operate a Sponsor a Dog Scheme.

We do not have a rescue centre but operate from our home, which we use as an administrative base for the rescue. The dogs in our care are housed in commercial kennels or foster homes. Our home (and our dogs) are not 'open to the public,' so any visits or rescue business MUST be undertaken by appointment.