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Early in 2013, we were asked to help with a young male dog who had been picked up as a stray and taken to a Council Pound, where he had done his time but nobody could get near him. We called him Teddy Bear and he was probably one of the most terrified young dogs that we have ever seen.

He had been ‘poled’ into the pound and literally ‘screamed’ and urinated if anyone went near him. A couple of rescues had tried to get him out but nobody could get near him. Doris Banham managed to sedate him and, even with that, struggled to move him but they managed it and got him to a safe kennels in Lincs. Still he would trust no one and after further failed attempts to move him by other rescues, we agreed to take him. We needed a plan and plenty of patience!

Super Sindy came to the rescue. She travelled a 4 hour return journey every day for 3 weeks to spend time with him so that we could move him. She eventually managed to get a collar on him and managed to entice him into a crate which was lifted in and out of the car with Teddy inside, and he started his long journey down South. He arrived with us on 29th March 2013.

We were confident that time, patience and kindness would win him round in the end. Slowly, slowly, slowly, Teddy started to respond – initially with the help of the other dogs. After 4 months, we were able to touch him all over, managed to bath him and he would walk on a lead with a harness. He still panicked if you held his collar – a frequent problem with dogs that have been ‘poled,’ but didn’t mind his harness being held.

Eight months have now passed and Teddy is now happy to get in and out of the car; he has been to the vets, had his vaccinations and been microchipped; and he has just been able to walk out in a quiet area of the New Forest off the lead. He sticks pretty close but he is slowly becoming more confident. Teddy really needs to gain confidence with other people and we will be working on that slowly over the winter months now there are fewer people around. We are very proud of Teddy – he has come so far and has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with.

If you can give Teddy a home please email us at: alison@southerncountiesgsdrescue.co.uk
Or phone 01425 473907.