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Hello Alison
I thought it waz about tyme dat I told you how I waz getting along – itz been over a year and all 4 of my pawz are firmly under the big table especiall at dinnerz tyme. It’z very nice here and I getz cuddlez on demand which iz lotz. I haz found my voice and i use it especiall when my friend Danny the postman visit as hez good at cuddlez too, I checkz all delivery vehicles when I getz chance as well – Louise and John say I’m nozey but it’z my job Iz a dog I checkz the shopping bagz to.

Theyz taught me to do a lot of thingz and they tellz me I’m very clever – I knowz Iz clever and I hazen’t eaten any of the chickenz.

I getz a longz walk on Ranmore every day don’t likez other dogz they frightenz me a bit especiall when they are warking towardz me but I am trying to be better.

Guess what I don’tz get stressy with a ball anymore – well not often – and I likez a game of fetch butz have to rememberz not to snatch! I really likez Louise and makez sure Iz always wiz her – John is okz as well and givez me sosages every day he breakz them up and throws them and I catchez all of themz.

I’m sending you some picturez – I’m still as handsome as ever.

Lots ov licks