Adopting a dog

Owning a German Shepherd – responsible ownership

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Fired up Frantic and Freaked Out by Laura VanArendonk Baugh


Adopting a needy dog or any pet can be very rewarding, however it is important to remember that with the benefits of ownership comes responsibilities. Here are some of the things our dogs ask you to consider before deciding to adopt:

  • Who will be my vet?

  • Who will look after me while you are at work?

  • How much time will you have for me?

  • Will you care for me even if I am naughty?

  • What other animals are in the household and will they like me?

  • Can people get into the garden?

  • Will you be mad if I leave my coat everywhere in the house?

  • Who will walk me?

  • What if I am ill, will you be able to afford to look after me?

  • Do you have lots of visitors?

  • Who will look after me when you go on holiday – can I come?

  • Where will I sleep?


A good diet and high quality food is important to any dog’s wellbeing. It can help with skin problems, coat condition, joints and bones and hyperactivity. We currently recommend:
CSJ dog feeds | Natural Instinct

Pet behaviour and training

Pet behaviour and training specialists vary greatly in their approach and methods. If you are looking for someone to help with problems with your German Shepherd dog, make sure they are very experienced with German Shepherds and use positive behaviour reinforcement techniques. Ask first, and don’t use someone who believes in punishment training or outdated theories about dominance and pack hierarchy structures. Here are some useful links:
Basket Case Pet Behaviour and Training.

DogTaggs Tracking Workshops

Would you like to…
Develop your relationship with your dog?
Provide meaningful activity that will relax and gently tire your dog out?
Find out what your dog can do with his/her amazing nose?
Work with your dog safely in the gentle presence of others while he/she learns to have fun

  • All levels of experience catered for

  • Knowledgeable (qualified) tutor

  • Relaxed and fun environment

  • Small groups

  • Dogs that need space VERY welcome

  • Progressive series of Workshops advancing your and your dog’s skills

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Training in Warminster

Looking for a dog trainer in the Warminster area? Checkout this website for
Charismatic Pets.


Torsion is life threatening. The exact cause of a GDV is not fully understood. It occurs mostly when dogs have exercised within 2 hours of drinking a lot or eating a main meal.

Download a factsheet on torsion here.