• Darcey
  • Darcey

Darcey is a stunningly beautiful 6 year old dog – he arrived at the rescue on 13th July 2014, after a change in his owners personal circumstances left him homeless.

As with all the dogs that come into our care we try and gather as much information as we can about their history, personality and character when we take them in, but we do like to get to know them ourselves and undertake our own assessment before placing them up for adoption.

We were told that Darcey is not good with other dogs and that he is hyperactive – he is however very obedient and willing to please. We are getting to know him slowly and he will be available for adoption once we have had time to ascertain the type of home that would suit him best.

On a very positive note, he takes absolutely no notice of the horses and ponies that wander around in the New Forest and his recall is excellent!!

If you can give Darcey a home please email us at: alison@southerncountiesgsdrescue.co.uk
Or phone 01425 473907.